Services Overview

We recognize that every client’s personal and financial situations are unique. Whether you are beginning your career or eyeing retirement, faithfully saving for the future or joyfully spending today, nurturing your growing family or nervously watching them leave the nest, Concordia’s services are designed to be flexible and customized to fit your circumstances.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning Program

Concordia’s flagship program, bundling all four of our core services into a single program delivered on an ongoing, contractual basis. As we expect our clients’ personal and financial circumstances to change, we fully expect the type of financial planning and services to change as well. The Comprehensive Wealth Planning Program was designed to evolve as our clients’ circumstances do.

Financial Planning

Helping families and businesses identify purpose for themselves and develop strategy for their finances.

Individual Portfolio Management

Managing investments so that clients are working as efficiently as possible toward their goals.

Professional Coordination

Helping families and businesses make sure their multiple financial professionals are all on the same page when it comes to their goals and strategies to accomplish them.

Technology & Reporting

Giving clients the tools they need to better understand their entire financial picture at a single glance from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Concordia Wealth Planning looks at finances from a surprisingly simple perspective...yours.