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Concordia is a boutique, fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm with a mission to provide personalized, comprehensive wealth planning services with the highest quality of service, integrity and professionalism to individuals and businesses who value a holistic approach.

Our Philosophy

Explore Our Four Foundations

Concordia’s guiding pillars that are woven into the whole of who we are. Each of these distinct foundations enable our team to provide clients with the most aligned, individualized wealth management services possible:

Concordia’s Signature Priorities Process

How do we help clients find financial peace of mind? By deeply understanding their personal values, goals and aspirations—the fundamental purpose that will inform our wealth management strategy.

Concordia’s Priorities™ Card Game

The goal of our Priorities Process is to:

1. Uncover the reasoning behind your financial goals so that you can find satisfaction with a financial planning process,

2. Have in-depth conversations about what good financial standing means to you, your family and your future,

3. Be a partner, a guide, and an educator so that you’re well informed and confident in your decisions, and

4. Continually tie all financial planning and guidance back to your unique goals and priorities, and make adjustments as your priorities change over time.

Our individualized approach keeps it simple, aligning your priorities along the way.

A flat, recurring fee is calculated based on the complexity of each client’s case, using Household Income and a Liquidity Ratio as the deciding metrics.

Try our Fee Calculator to get a quick estimate!

You’ll never have any hidden fees, which allows Concordia to reflect our desire to be as much of a fiduciary for our clients as possible. We even arrange a meeting after the first year to review past work, reassess the fee, and mutually choose how to move forward.

In conjunction with the XY Planning Network, Concordia leverages a team of professionals in different areas of expertise including education and college planning, government pension systems, social security maximization, fringe benefit reviews, and many more.

This allows us to obtain expertly informed guidance in niche planning areas, ensuring our clients are receiving the most prudent advice at no additional cost to them.

We take it upon ourselves to work closely with our client’s existing financial professionals (or assign relevant professionals if necessary) to ensure experts in areas of tax, insurance, estate and more are aligned with our wealth planning strategy.

While many other wealth management firms provide advice to clients in these areas without coordination, we believe it is essential to gain a mutual consensus among the whole team of professionals in order for clients to feel fully confident in all financial decisions.

Our Process

It’s much more than numbers-in, numbers-out. We unify the
quantitativeNumbers, accounts, assets, etc.
with the
qualitativeValues, priorities, aspirations

Our discovery process gives us a unique opportunity to get to know you—your core value system, goals, and purpose—so that we can create financial plans that extend beyond the bounds of an algorithm.

All of Concordia’s prospective clients are led through a series of steps to uncover their needs and find the right program to help them accomplish their goals.

We use a significant amount of technology to help us remain connected with clients throughout the process, including scheduling, chat, and client information access—all of which you can access via computer or an app.

Tour our mock client portal to see what your Concordia account will look like!

Initial Discovery
Let’s get to know each other better! We’ll answer any questions you may have and help identify the right program for you.

At the end of our initial conversation, we’ll provide an estimate on the costs for services, a balance sheet, and an invitation to schedule the Priorities™ Card Exercise.
Using an exercise we call the “Priorities™ Card Exercise,” your goals will be prioritized into a top-five list which will guide many of our planning decisions as we create your customized financial gameplan. We’ll regularly review your top-five list to account for any changes you may encounter along the way.

If you decide to move forward with Concordia, you will receive access to your Concordia Portal. The Portal lets you securely send documentation to us and begin linking your accounts for ongoing accuracy of your balance sheet and account values.
Planning Kickoff
We will provide a document checklist in preparation of the meeting to collect all necessary financial information. Once all of the documentation, finances, financial goals and priorities have been pulled together, we review the information thoroughly and begin designing a draft financial plan. A follow-up meeting is scheduled to review all information and to ensure everything is up-to-date with your current financial position.
Plan Verification
This is our chance to review everything so that we can identify any missing data, challenges or priorities that may have already changed since our Initial Consult. In addition, we will review the initial draft of your plan together.
Plan Delivery
Financial plans are finalized, and we formulate recommendations based on your priorities. In our meeting, we will deliver your plan in three parts:
1. Projections and scenarios
2. Specific recommendations
3. Investment strategy proposal
Plan Implementation
Using the plan, we prioritize our recommendations to ensure the actions taken are in lockstep with the things that are most important to you. We then move in order to tackle the different recommendations, selecting a few things for you to focus on over the next 3 to 6 months while we regularly report back with our progress behind the scenes. If needed, we would be in contact with your other financial professionals such as Accountants, Attorneys, and Insurance Agents to coordinate execution of the recommendations.
Plan Review
Financial planning is an ongoing effort! To make it as easy as possible, we try to take on “bite-sized” portions of the recommendations and meet regularly to see how things are going.

At least once a year, we’ll schedule a touch base meeting to make sure we’re on the same page and are continuing to create meaningful progress toward your financial purpose. (Depending on the complexity of your portfolio, we meet to review everything 2 to 4 times per year.)
Our Team

Meet the Faces Behind Concordia

Andrew J. Silver


Andy joined the financial services and planning industry in 1999 shortly after graduating from Villanova University. In his early career, he joined a team of like minded professionals who travelled throughout the USA consulting and teaching financial planners about the benefits of running fee-only, fiduciary practices, and shared comprehensive planning techniques to help them become better financial planners.

After years of seeing clients’ experiences enhanced through consulting to planning firms, Andy felt compelled to start helping clients directly. Starting 2009 as an independent, fee-only financial planner, he has helped hundreds of individuals, families and businesses throughout the United States and Puerto Rico achieve their financial goals.

Andy maintains the professional credentials of the Certified Financial Planner™ and a Masters in Business Administration. He enjoys travelling, visiting other cultures and is not scared of trying new and interesting cuisine. Andy is an avid guitar enthusiast and volunteers in his church’s worship band weekly. When he isn’t developing financial planning strategy for clients, travelling, or worshipping The Lord, he loves to spend quality time with his wonderful wife, Silvia, and kids, Luke and Liliana.

Fun Fact:  Andy once had a guitar jam session with Jimmy Buffet.

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Jordan M. Acer


Jordan, a graduate of THE Ohio State University, joined the financial services and planning industry in 2012 after short stints with a campus ministry, a Fortune 100 financial services firm and the Social Security Administration. Before coming to Concordia Wealth Planning, he served as the Director of Financial Planning and a member of the leadership committee at one of the top five largest independent wealth management firms in Columbus.

Jordan maintains the professional credentials of Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Investment Management Analyst®. He is passionate about any aspect of his job that relates to meeting and serving people. He enjoys travelling, learning about other cultures, and making and maintaining friendships all over this beautiful planet. Jordan and his wife Jessica live with their eight children in Delaware and are active members of their church. When the weather cooperates, their family enjoys exploring the metro parks and nature preserves around Central Ohio.

Fun Fact: Jordan won a talent show in 6th grade for juggling while reciting Shakespeare.

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Our Affiliations

We Keep Good Company

The Concordia team maintains memberships in multiple planning and investment related groups across the USA that provides an instant “team” of professional specialists in different areas of financial planning, all available to assist Concordia in the development of your Comprehensive Wealth Planning.

Purpose, priorities, and circumstances all change over time.

Your planning should adjust accordingly to address those changes! Our process takes this into account.

SAGE Tuition Rewards

With SAGE Tuition Rewards, students will earn guaranteed minimum scholarships at over 455 participating private colleges and universities across America! The scholarships can equal up to one full year’s tuition!

Each Tuition Rewards Point is equal to $1.00 in tuition discounts if the student attends a participating college or university. The accumulated points represent the minimum scholarship (grant or other institutional discount) that the student will receive.

35,000 Tuition Rewards Points represent a guaranteed minimum $35,000 scholarship at our member colleges. Your loved-one may receive more, but is guaranteed not to receive less!

Tuition Reward Points accrue like frequent flyer miles and are earned by based on investments implemented with Concordia Wealth Planning. What makes Tuition Rewards even more unique is that you don’t have to use the investment earning Reward Points to pay for college! How you pay for college is your choice.


* SAGE Tuition Rewards is available for clients who wish to have Concordia implement investment advice through the Investment Management add-on