Our Process

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.

Peter Drucker

We think Mr. Drucker is one cool guy!

A legendary management consultant who has helped many of the largest businesses, he had a surprisingly simple approach to helping businesses be better at what they do.

  • Processes are done well when they are built to be repeatable and replicable but…
  • Creating efficiencies (whether through technology or other means) should never get in the way of the primary purpose of those processes…to give us better ability to be even more human and treat each client with the utmost respect they deserve.  Regardless of their circumstances, each client is just as important as the next.

Concordia’s process, regardless of the program chosen, is designed to lead clients through a regimented series of steps to help them accomplish their goals.  We use a significant amount of technology to help us be connected with our clients through the process, including scheduling, chat, and client information access (both from a computer or through an app).

However, our primary mission for any client is to help them find the harmony of money and purpose. This requires us to really be present throughout the process, truly understand a client’s needs and perspectives to finance, and regularly review how those perspectives have changed.

The Interview

We start by scheduling an appointment to help answer any questions you may have about our programs, better identify the right program (or combination of programs) for you, and most importantly give us an opportunity to get to know each other.

At the end of our initial conversation, we will finish with an estimate on the costs for services and follow up with an agreement for you to review and sign electronically.

The Purpose Priority Game
(1-2 Months)

Once our partnership is underway, the first thing we will do is start gathering information about your financial goals. We then prioritize these items into a top-five list through an exercise we call "The Purpose Priority Game". These priorities will be the basis of many of the planning decisions we make and we will review them regularly to make sure they haven't changed.

You will also receive access to your Concordia Portal during this time to securely send documentation to us and to begin linking your accounts for ongoing accuracy of your balance sheet and account values.

Purpose Clarity
(1-2 Months)

Once all of the documentation, finances, financial goals and priorities have been pulled together, we review the information thoroughly and begin putting together a draft financial plan. We then schedule a follow-up meeting to verify all of the information, to make sure we aren’t missing anything important, and to check in to make sure nothing important has happened that would cause us need to update the draft.

Depending on the amount of information we need to review, this process normally takes anywhere between 1 to 2 months.

The Purpose Map
(1-2 Months)

Once we verify all the information provided is accurate, we finalize a draft of the financial planning and begin formulating recommendations. We contact your other financial professionals such as Accountants, Attorneys, Brokers and Financial Planners to discuss strategy and recommendations specific to their areas of expertise. Finally, we prioritize are recommendations based on the priorities you stated are most important to you during our Purpose Priorities Game.

A meeting is then scheduled to deliver The Purpose Map, our terminology for the financial planning and recommendations we have prepared.

Purposeful Action
(3-6 Months)

Per the Purpose Map, we prioritize the recommendations to make sure the actions we take are in lockstep with the things that are most important to you. We then move in order to tackle the different recommendations, selecting a few things for you to focus on over the next 3 to 6 months while we regularly report back to you the items we are tackling behind the scenes.

Meaningful Review

Financial planning is an ongoing effort. To make it as easy as possible, we try to take on “bite-sized” portions of the recommendations and meet regularly to see how things are going. Depending on the complexity of the issues, we meet to review everything 1 to 4 times a year.

At least once a year, we review how you feel things are going to make sure we are on the same page and creating meaningful progress towards your financial purpose.

Purpose, priorities, and circumstances (personal, family, business, economic, etc.) all change over time. Your planning should adjust accordingly to address those changes. Our process takes that change into account.

Concordia Wealth Planning looks at finances from a surprisingly simple perspective...yours.