Our Philosophy

"Contentment is looking back with no regret, looking at the present without envy, and looking at the future with no fear."

There's a lot of meaning behind our name.



  1. Harmony, Peace
  2. Amity, Union
  3. Friend

Concordia was created to provide purposeful and meaningful comprehensive financial services designed to put what clients value most at the forefront of conversation. We believe the only way to truly help clients find financial peace of mind is to understand a client’s personal values, driving behavioral factors and fundamental purpose underlying their goals. But truly understanding our clients means getting personal.

Let’s face it…no one likes dealing with financial decision making (unless you’re nerdy like us!).

There is substantial emotion involved…anxiety about making the right call, getting overwhelmed with information from all sorts of sources that we hope is accurate, only to be left wondering how the decisions we make impact not only our finances, but our families, our children, and other relationships around us.

It’s enough to make us throw up our hands, do nothing, and go on living purely on hope that things will just work out on their own.

Here's what we believe:

Without understanding the reasoning behind your financial goals, it's difficult to find satisfaction with a financial planning process.

It is important to have deep conversations about what being in good financial standing means to you, your family and your future.

Clients need a partner to guide them. Education is key. Being well-informed allows clients to be confident in their decisions.

Planning is as unique as you are. The advice given needs to continually relate back to your goals and priorities.

Concordia Wealth Planning looks at finances from a surprisingly simple perspective...yours.