Technology & Reporting

The worst thing that could happen to anyone is that they make financial decisions without being well-informed.  This can happen due to many reasons including:

The information you have on hand is incomplete

The information you have is stale or too old to be accurate

You don’t have a way to access advice, recommendations or documentation in a timely manner.

Concordia has worked hard to integrate different technologies in order to alleviate these issues and others.

Our technology and reporting program provides the following:

  • 24/7 access to your financial plan and planning recommendations
  • Up-to-date Concordia supervised investment account performance
  • Up-to-date unsupervised investment account performance
  • Up-to-date balance sheet and net worth statement
  • Up-to-date cash flows, expenses, income and budget
  • Storage of and 24/7 access to all important personal and financial documents
  • 24/7 access and customization of different reports regarding your financial planning, investment accounts and performance.

Client Portal Dashboard

This service is included at no or minimal cost for clients of our Comprehensive Wealth Planning program but it is available as a stand-alone service as well. As a stand-alone service, Concordia’s technology and reporting program would be great for:

Non-profit organizations looking to pull together investment information from their multiple money managers

Individuals or families looking to take control of their budget and expenses

Those interested in getting more information about their investments than regularly provided (such as a 401k or brokerage statement which usually only show beginning, ending and changes to value).

Individuals, families or businesses that have multiple accounts and want information about their overall performance or asset allocation.

Individuals, families or businesses that are just plain looking to organize their lives and documentation better.

Concordia Wealth Planning looks at finances from a surprisingly simple perspective...yours.