Professional Coordination

You’ve invested in a financial planning process, become well-informed about the action steps you need to take, and have taken the time to prioritize the recommendations provided to you. But as wonderful as the recommendations are that you’ve received from your financial planner, you still have to get out and implement it. That means more meetings with your estate attorney, CPA, investment brokers, bankers and many others in order to bring your financial plan to fruition.

On top of this, your other professionals may have differences of opinions regarding the recommendations your financial planner provided. This can create confusion about what you should actually do and stop you in your tracks before you even start down the path of finding your financial purpose.

This is where Concordia’s Professional Coordination comes in.

Professional Coordination is an administrative service designed to make sure all of a client’s professionals are on the same page and agree with the recommendations from your financial plan.  To do this, Concordia implements Professional Coordination in two phases:

Planning Process

Concordia works with a client’s professionals to incorporate their advice within the financial planning.  By including the other professionals in the process, the chances a client is confused by conflicting professional advice becomes extremely low.


Concordia works with your professionals to move implementation of estate documentation, tax strategy, and other recommendations forward. We don’t take on responsibility of Power of Attorney on your behalf, so we can’t sign anything for you, but we can certainly work with your professionals to get things as ready as we can.

Professional Coordination is available as a stand-alone service for a flat-fee.  It is also included in the Concordia’s Comprehensive Wealth Planning Program.

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