Financial Planning

Concordia offers financial planning in two disticting ways:

Full-Service Financial Planning

Modular Financial Planning

Full Service Financial Planning covers all topics on a renewing, annual basis while Modular Planning covers a single topic typically on a one-year contractual basis.  Concordia provides both options to provide flexibility and customization depending on the stage of life our clients and to make sure they only pay for services they need.

All financial plans cover the following topics:


We review family records, budgeting, personal liability, tax returns, estate information and financial goals.

Income Planning

We analyze the client’s income tax, spending and planning for past, current, and future years; then illustrate the impact of various investments on the client’s current income tax, spending needs, and future tax liability.

Net Worth

We review the client’s net worth and analyze it from many aspects including liquidity, certainty of value, and future growth or loss potential.


We analyze investment alternatives and their effect on the client’s portfolio.

The remaining topics are all incorporated in Concordia’s full-service financial planning or are available on an ad-hoc basis as individual modules:

Business interests

In many instances a client’s business provides a substantial portion of their net worth and income. We assist the client in succession planning and analysis of the ability of the business interest to satisfy the client’s financial needs.

Fringe benefits

We review our client’s existing benefits package and assist the client with options to best maximize their value based on the client’s financial planning goals.


We review the client’s existing policies to advise on proper coverage for life, health, disability, long-term care, liability, home, automobile and specialty lines if necessary.


We analyze current strategies and investment plans to help the client achieve his or her retirement goals.


We review client’s needs of education funding and, if necessary, analyze methods for student loan repayment.

Tax Planning

We review the client’s tax returns and, proactively working in tandem with the client’s tax professional, identify and deliver strategies for tax efficiency.


We assist the client in assessing and developing long-term strategies, including as appropriate, living trusts, wills, powers of attorney, asset protection plans, nursing homes, Medicaid, review estate tax, etc.

*Please note that third-party professional services fees or product costs are not covered by our fee for service.

Concordia Wealth Planning looks at finances from a surprisingly simple perspective...yours.