Comprehensive Wealth Planning Program

The Comprehensive Wealth Planning Program combines financial planning, investment portfolio management, professional coordination and technology and reporting services into a single, turnkey program that evolves along with our clients’ personal and financial circumstances.

Our Comprehensive Wealth Planning Program is provided to clients for a flat, fixed fee on an ongoing, annual basis.

Concordia’s team determines the fee based on a client’s net worth, income and the projected complexity of the client’s planning. The fee is then discussed and negotiated with the client, and is charged annually for the period agreed upon. At the end of the agreed period, net worth, income and complexity of planning are reviewed with the client, a new fee and program length are agreed upon and the cycle begins all over again.

By charging clients a contracted, flat and fixed fee, we are able to offer these wonderful things for our clients:

Consistency in cost

This allows clients to more easily budget the expense for professional advice into their annual spending.

Payment flexibility

Our clients can pay by check, bank draft (ACH) or credit card and can do so quarterly or monthly.

No investment minimum

Our clients in Comprehensive Wealth Planning are not charged based on assets under Concordia’s management

No conflict of interest

Clients in our Comprehensive Wealth Planning Program can sleep soundly at night knowing that the recommendations they have received aren’t influenced by a desire to keep and manage assets. If the best recommendation for a client is to sell their investments, a client can rest assured knowing Concordia’s management of those assets has nothing to do with the recommendation.


Clients pay the agreed-upon flat, fixed fee for Concordia’s Comprehensive Wealth Planning Program whether Concordia manages their investment accounts or not. The decision is completely up to them. However, since there is no additional cost for Concordia to manage investment accounts for clients of the Comprehensive Program, having us manage them may potentially save a client substantial fees annually.