We help people find the harmony of money and purpose.

Concordia is a boutique, fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm with a mission to provide comprehensive wealth planning services with the highest quality of service, integrity and professionalism to people and businesses interested in a customized approach.

You are not alone. Like others, you worry about financial decisions but find yourself...


Overwhelmed with information from the web, magazines, friends and colleagues. How do you know who to listen to?

Out of Time

Struggling to find the time to figure out the most prudent options for your specific financial situation.


Concerned the advice you get may not be in your best interest, or may conflict with the advice of other professionals.

A new way to think about money...

As a fiduciary, Concordia must put the concerns of our clients first.  This means every decision we help clients make has to be the absolute best decision for the client…not the best decision for us. We walk clients through a unique process that helps us both better understand the purpose behind your financial goals and aspirations.

The better we know the “why” behind the financial decisions, the better our chances of being mutually invested in the success of those financial decisions.

Concordia can help you in three key areas.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is about three things: finding out where you stand financially, naming your personal financial goals, and creating a plan to reach those goals. It's that easy!

Investment Management

Investment management is about making the most of your money so you can reach long-term goals: No matter how much you have invested, it’s important to ensure every dollar is optimized.

Professional Coordination

Receiving conflicting advice never helps anyone. We'll coordinate with your attorneys, CPA's, and anyone else on your team to make sure we're all working toward the same goals.